Empilhadeira diesel série H 1-1.8T


1. The diesel forklift of 1-1.8 ton H series is constructed based on ergonomics. The seat location and the steering wheel angle can be adjusted freely to obtain large working space. The special design creates comfortable working environment and minimizes the fatigue of the operator.

2. The combined type taillight for the warehouse equipment is installed at the top of the overhead guard. Apart from the nice appearance, the eye-catching design makes the forklift truck quite safe for use at night. The appearance design of the diesel forklift is granted national patent.

3. The cyclone filter, as well as the air inlet system installed at high level, effectively extends the lifespan of the engine.

4. Hydraulic load-free induction steering gear and transverse oil cylinder steering system enable labour-saving operation. The steering axle is capable of affording 300,000 times fatigue test.

5. The eco-friendly design of the diesel forklift offers full protection to both the user and the environment.
6. Small overall dimension, low centre of gravity, small turning radius, and excellent manoeuvrability.
7. The frame and the steering axle of the material handling equipment are engineered with shock absorber to reduce the impact and maximize the comfort during operation.
8. Multiple engines for selection.

Empilhadeira diesel

Modelo CPCD10H, CPCD15H, CPCD18H
Capacidade da carga nominal 1000kg, 1500kg, 1800kg
Motor Motor da ISUZU, YANMAR, VM, JAC e outros fornecedores chineses
Caixa de engrenagem Hidráulica/automática (tecnologia TCM)
Mastro padrão Mastro de 2 estágio (3m)
Mastro do container (Opcional) Mastro totalmente livre de 2 ou 3 estágios (3m-6m)
Roda Roda pneumática (padrão), roda sólida (Opcional)
Deslocador lateral (Opcional) Deslocador lateral tipo integrado, deslocador lateral CASCADE

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Código HS : 8427209000
Marca: JAC
Mercado alvo: Mercado global
Certificado: CE/SGS/ISO 9001/ISO 14001/SGS
Capacidade de produção: 20,000 conjuntos por ano


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